Don’t skip steps

House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

In just over 2 weeks, you will have to make a choice about what the future of our state looks like. I hope that you recognize the hard work that our caucus has done to stand up to Joe Biden and the New Hampshire Democrats’ radical, extremist agenda.

These last two years, we saw Democrats propose outrageous burdensome legislation. From voting to let the Federal Government restrict your second amendment rights to opposing your civil liberties in times of emergency, the Democrats’ want total control over you, and to make sure that you go broke in the process thanks to the rampant inflation that they caused.

By voting Republican down the ballot, you stand up for the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts that we sent you, the school choice and freedom that thousands of Granite State children now enjoy, and the countless other times that our caucus has fought to expand our liberty and slam the door on Joe Biden and his Washington DC cronies.

The stakes this November could not be higher. New Hampshire simply cannot afford to allow Democrats to turn Concord into Washington D.C.
All the best, Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

Failed Energy Policies

For Immediate Release October 6, 2022

Contact: Jennifer Tramp 603.271.3664

Concord, NH: House Speaker Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry) responds to repeated false information put out by House Democrats regarding energy:

Democrats had plenty of opportunity to pass their initiatives when they were in charge but failed to build consensus even among their own party members. Their ideas consisted of a massive carbon tax, attempts to repeal RGGI rebates for ratepayers and massive net metering subsidies to solar developers at the expense of ratepayers.

The reality right now is that New Hampshire families will face challenges this winter. Fuel deliveries are happening now. Price spikes are happening now. Most households rely on oil or gas to heat their homes. Unless Democrats think replacing everyone’s home heating system before November is rational, which it is not, then we can only focus on real solutions for New Hampshire’s very real problem. Nothing the Democrats are talking about would have alleviated the burden of Granite Staters and would have made electric and fuel bills higher than they are now. Democrats have been desperate to pass the blame onto anyone but themselves.

While Democrats in Washington, including our federal delegation, are doing nothing to combat inflation or lower energy prices, New Hampshire Republicans are actively meeting with stakeholders to discuss the most effective ways the state might be able to address fluctuations in the market.