NHGOP Recaps the New Hampshire Democrats’ Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

NHGOP Recaps the New Hampshire Democrats’ Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee recapped the terrible week that New Hampshire Democrats experienced on multiple fronts:

Monday, February 8th – Michael Coutu, father of fallen U.S. Hero 2nd Lt. Matthew Coutu, penned an Op-Ed in the New Hampshire Union Leader calling out Senator Maggie Hassan for supporting Democrat special election nominee, Kneeling Wendy Thomas. Wendy Thomas, a former State Representative who previously voted for an Income Tax, endorsed Socialist Emmett Soldati to be Chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party. Despite numerous GOP efforts to frame the message around Wendy Thomas’ candidacy in the upcoming Special Election, the New Hampshire Democrat Party has not rushed to her defense. 

Additionally on Monday, citing the help provided to New Hampshire Republican efforts that led to Republicans regaining the New Hampshire HouseSenate, and Executive Council while overwhelmingly reelecting Governor Chris Sununu in 2020, NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek endorsed Democrat Chairman Ray Buckley over his socialist challenger Emmett Soldati

Tuesday, February 9th – New Hampshire First District Congressman Chris Pappas is called out in national news regarding his hypocritical support for a job-killing $15 an hour minimum wage despite not implementing such a minimum wage at his own restaurant. 

Wednesday, February 10th – Chairman Stephen Stepanek called for the resignation of Democrat State Representative Caroletta Alicea (D-Boscawen) after New Hampshire Patch publicized a damning story in which she and her family personally benefited from gross misuse of Federal Charter School grants. Rep. Alicea served as the Acting Chair of Capital City Charter School, where here daughter served as Head of School, in which more than $150,000 of questionable disbursements were made according to auditors. 

Wednesday was also a terrible polling day for New Hampshire Democrats. In a new poll released by Saint Anselm’s polling departmentDemocrat U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan saw horrible numbers for her reelection bid. Only 39% of Granite Staters polled are willing to vote for Senator Hassan in 2022 while 47% of Granite State voters are planning to vote for someone else. Additional note that makes this poll even more terrible for New Hampshire Democrats: Republican Governor Chris Sununu remains as the most popular elected official in the Granite State, with a staggering 72% approval rating from all segments of Granite Staters, including support from 74% of New Hampshire undeclared voters. 

Thursday, February 11th – The New Hampshire State Senate passed Right-to-Work legislation, moving a measure that expands worker freedom and opportunity and diminishes the power of union bosses while strengthening the power of the individual worker. This is a huge win for our state’s economy, and every single Senate Democrat opposed it’s passage. Right-to-Work states across the country have seen economic growth and have lowered their states’ unemployment rates after passage.

Following the Senate’s morning session, Governor Chris Sununu unveiled his fiscally responsible budget that lives within our means and expands the New Hampshire Advantage. The proposed budget includes no new or increased taxes, no new or increased fees, and includes more Republican-led tax relief. The 5 year phase out of the Interests & Dividends Tax is welcome news for seniors and coupled with the reductions in small business taxes and the Rooms & Meals tax will continue the trend of New Hampshire having the fastest growing economy in the Northeast. This fiscally responsible budget is only possible due to Governor Chris Sununu’s skillful management of our state during the COVID-19 pandemic and Republicans are leading New Hampshire forward by making the right decisions for the future of the Granite State.

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House Leaders Applaud Acceptance of Charter School Expansion Dollars

For Immediate Release

December 11, 2020

Contact: (603) 271-3665

House Leaders Applaud Acceptance of Charter School Expansion Dollars

Concord, NH- New Hampshire House leaders released the following statement in response to the Fiscal Committee voting 7-3 to accept more than $10 million in federal funding for the purpose of expanding charter school opportunities for New Hampshire students.

Acting Speaker Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry):

“Education is not a one-size-fits all system for our children. We have waiting lists to enter charter schools, and many areas of our state without access to these alternative public schools. The acceptance of this federal grant will put NH on a pathway to open more charter schools to better serve students in those areas, and allow parents to access more options to fit the needs of their children.”

House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn):

“For a party that calls themselves champions of education, leaving over $10 million in money for schools on the table, for over a year, is absolutely shocking. There are many communities in this state where there is only one option for education. For the students who may not be thriving in that environment, charter schools provide another option for educational success. Democrats embarrassed our state by leaving this money on the table for so long. They opted to play politics with thousands of children’s educational opportunities rather than help all children in our state succeed. Especially during the pandemic, we have seen the increased need across the state 

House Finance Chair Ken Weyler (R-Kingston):

“I am glad that we have finally recognized the successes of our existing charter schools and the fact that there is demand for them throughout the state in places where they don’t currently exist. It was wrong, and partisan, to deny these funds in the last biennium. We can finally distribute these much needed funds and expand opportunities for New Hampshire’s students.”