SCGOP 2012

Sullivan County Republican Committee

Contact: Spec Bowers
Phone: 603-763-2369
December 2, 2012

Sullivan County Republicans Elect Members, Officers

December 1, Claremont - Sullivan County Republicans held their biennial caucus to elect members to the
Sullivan County Republican Committee. "It's good to see such a large turnout" remarked Past Chairman
Steve Cunningham.  "We're not lying down in sorrow over the last election. We are organizing for the
next election."

The Republican caucus is a true grassroots organization - its members are those who were chosen as delegates
 or nominees in the September State Primary election. They elected a committee of 20 regular members to 
represent Sullivan County at the Republican State Committee annual meeting in January.

The newly elected committee then met and elected its officers:
- Chairman Spec Bowers of Sunapee
- 1st  Vice Chair Tom Howard of Croydon
- 2nd Vice Chair Joe Osgood of Claremont
- Treasurer Don Clarke of Claremont
- Secretary Marie Lozito of Claremont
The committee also elected another ten members as Associate Members.

Chairman Bowers said that his primary goal was getting our message out.
"We had a good message of freedom, limited government and unlimited opportunity for all,
but we did a bad job of getting our message out and we did a terrible job of defending
against the opposition's absurd characterizations of our positions."


Spec Bowers
Sullivan County Chairman
Sunapee, NH

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