New Sales Tax

State Senate defeats State House’s Sales Tax on Paint

On Thursday, the New Hampshire State Senate took up House Bill 1570. This legislation, which was passed by the State House in March by a vote of 161-142, would have created a sales tax on paint ranging from 35 cents per pint to $1.60 on anything over a gallon.

Thankfully, the State Senate defeated the amendment proposed by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee with a bipartisan vote of 16-7. The State Senate then moved a motion declaring the bill inexpedient to legislate, which passed with a voice vote.

In recent days, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire had been reaching out to and encouraging residents to contact their State Senator to tell him or her to oppose House Bill 1570.

Like most Granite Staters, we are baffled that our legislators in Concord are even discussing preposterous bills such as a sales tax on paint. However, we do commend the State Senate for putting the brakes on yet another tax and spend policy endorsed by the liberal majority in the State House.

Our elected officials should be focused on implementing policies that lower taxes and increase economic opportunities for all Granite Staters. Instead, some in Concord are constantly trying to find new ways to take more money from them. New Hampshire residents and small businesses deserve better, which is why our organization will continue to fight terrible pieces of legislation such as House Bill 1570 at every turn.

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