Concord – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today released a new web ad that takes direct aim at two of Senator Shaheen’s job-killing policies: cap and trade and a new national energy tax. Shaheen filed to run for a second term today at the state house.

In 2009, Senator Shaheen indicated her support for cap and trade, and in 2013 she voted for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s amendment that would institute a new national energy tax. Whitehouse, who has called it his “mission” to pass a carbon tax in the next Congress, recently campaigned for Shaheen in New Hampshire.  Shaheen’s struggling

reelection campaign is also being bankrolled by environmental extremists like Tom Steyer, who has pledged $100 million dollars to help vulnerable senate Democrats who support his job-killing climate agenda.

“If elected to a second term, Senator Shaheen will stop at nothing to raise energy prices for New Hampshire families and small businesses. With gas prices soaring and the summer tourism season upon us, New Hampshire simply cannot afford Senator Shaheen’s new national tax on energy that will kill jobs,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, Senator Shaheen’s national energy tax could increase the price of gas in New Hampshire by more than 20 cents per gallon and eliminate up to 10,000 Granite State jobs.

The consequences of a cap and trade would also be severe, causing “crippling” effects on the economy and that “will hurt each and every household.”



Jeanne Shaheen Voted For A National Energy Tax. She voted in favor of Sen. Whitehouse’s Amendment, which would have enacted a tax on carbon. (S. Amdt. 646 To S. Con. Res. 8, Roll Call Vote #58: Rejected 41-58, 3/22/13, Shaheen Voted Yea)

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, New Hampshire’s economy will see severe negative effects if a Carbon Tax is implemented. (National Association Of Manufacturers, “Adverse Economic Impacts Of A Carbon Tax In New Hampshire,”, Accessed 5/28/13)

·         As many as 10,000 jobs would be killed over a ten-year period

·         The cost of electricity would jump 18 percent

·         The cost of natural gas could increase by more than 40 percent

·         Prices at the pump would go up as much as 20 cents a gallon.

In July 2010, Shaheen Signed A Letter With 11 Other Democrats Urging The Senate To Pass A Climate Change Bill That Included A Cap On Greenhouse Gases And Called For “Making Polluters Pay Through A Price On Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” (Darren Samuelsohn, “Goodwin Says No To Cap On Emissions,”

Politico, 7/16/10)

*   Click To View Letter

According To The National Association Of Manufactures, Cap And Trade Legislation WillCost 2.4 Million Jobs. (National Association Of Manufacturers, “State-by-State Analysis of Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Legislation Paints Dour Picture for Nation’sEconomy,”, Accessed 6/8/14)

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