Dave Roark, Sullivan County Republican of the Year

100_1929Congratulations to Dave Roark, this year’s Norris Cotton Award winner. You may not be aware of Dave’s contributions to our committee, because he never calls attention to himself or asks for credit. He just works hard, doing the things that need doing.

This past election cycle, there was an event to set up for. I was feeling the stress of a long campaign season, not having the resources I needed, and feeling a little overwhelmed. I had been worried about not having signs to represent our candidates. I actually gave up. Without me knowing, Dave found signs somewhere and brought them.

When I was trying to recruit candidates for our District 4 seat, Dave fed me a steady stream of information and research on potential candidates, including prior public service, board memberships, etc. Even more valuable, he gave me information regarding who I should not waste my time on. I would not have gotten through all the calls I made without his help.

Dave took time off from his job to help with our recount in Concord.

When Joe Osgood ran for a Senate seat that everyone said should not have any resources wasted on it, Dave stepped up to help Joe.

These are only a few examples of the many times Dave has quietly refused to sit down or step back. Whether asked or not, he always shows up to get done whatever needs doing. I’m grateful for his help, and we should all be proud to count him among our members.

Thank you Dave, for everything.

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