Ray Buckley thinks you’re stupid

Ray Buckley thinks you’re stupid

I’ve watched with great sadness as Ray Buckley (Chairman of the NH Democratic Party) has worked overtime to create hate and insult NH voters. He recently said this about NH voters who voted for Republicans:

“…what you’ve got now here in New Hampshire and, frankly, across the country, are the real low-information voters who don’t want to deal with facts. They want to cheer on anyone who says the most outrageous thing, whether it’s rational or not.”

Pot, meet kettle. Mr. Buckley does not understand that there are those who actually take his words seriously. When he sent a despicable and inaccurate mailer to voters in my district in the last election implying that I didn’t care about domestic violence (not true to according to the thank you card I have from Turning Points, and my voting record), people believed him. Based on this and other sensational lies, he succeeded in fostering hate and fear right here where we live. The result was that my wife, while working at a poll in one of my towns, was accosted by voters and threatened. We will unfortunately have to provide security next time. I can’t tell you how sad that makes me. Mr. Buckley’s outrageous fear-mongering has to stop.

I know good Democrats across the state, and right here in Sullivan County. We disagree, but we don’t hate each other. We even work together quite a bit, for you, as we should. They deserve better than this… unless they support Mr. Buckley when he is next up for re-election.

Since no Democrat locally seems to have done the right thing and apologize to you for calling you stupid, I will. Republican or Democrat, no elected party official should demean the voters. We are supposed to be working to gain your support, and NOT belittling you when we fail.

Rep. Steven Smith
Sullivan County District 11

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