Memorial Day

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, our most solemn holiday.  Sadly, many people don’t know the significance of Memorial Day, or worse, do and don’t think about it.  This weekend I am free to barbecue.  I am free to travel, even outside the state and country.  I am free to have a yard sale.  I am free to enjoy myself on property that I own.  I am free to criticize the government.  I, a regular citizen with no privileged upbringing or family birthright, am free to be a part of the government.  I have all these freedoms because of the courage and sacrifice of American service people for over 2 and a quarter centuries.  I went to Arlington National Cemetery last year.  The shear scope of how many brave Americans are buried there is overwhelming.  As we enjoy our freedom this holiday weekend, we should remember the cost.  We have our freedom because of those who have served.  We continue to be free because of those who are serving.  We will be free in the years to come, because this very minute, there are brave young people volunteering to put on a uniform and defend our way of life.  If you run into a veteran this weekend, say “Thank You”.  It isn’t much, but there really are no adequate words for the gift that they give us… the gift of freedom.


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