2016 Campaign Kickoff

Last night we held a meeting at the Salt Hill Pub in Newport to get our people started in the 2016 election season.  We were joined by NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn, Area Vice Chair Jane Johnson, NH House Transportation Committee Chairman Rep. Steven Smith, NH House Transportation Committee Clerk Rep. Tom Laware, Rep. Jim Grenier, Rep. Ernie Bridge, and Newport’s own Rep. Skip Rollins.

Candidates for NH State Senate 8 Jim Beard and Ruth Ward, and Senate 5 candidate Marie Lozito addressed the gathering.

Sullivan County candidates for the NH House were also in attendance.  We heard from new candidates Francis Gauthier, Dave Numme, Walt Stapleton, John O’Connor, Tom Greenhalge, and Ian Underwood.

County level candidates addressing the group included Janet Gibson (Register of Deeds) and George Hebert (County Commissioner).

Thanks to all who made this event a success, and for demonstrating your enthusiasm for GOP success in 2016.

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