Republicans to the Rescue

From the Union Leader:

Letter: Republican’s delivered in budget, let’s elect more of them
Jul 22, 2021
Republican budget delivered, we should elect more of them

To the Editor: New Hampshire was the only state in America to flip both houses to Republican this
past election. Our reward? The Republican majority in just a short seven months created and passed
what Governor Chris Sununu has called “The best Budget New Hampshire has ever had!”
The budget increases education freedom and delivers a voluntary paid family medical leave
program — no income tax!

The budget:

  • Eliminates interest and dividends taxes over the next five years, helping Seniors & Retirees.
  • Reduces rooms and meals tax, promoting tourism.
  • Reduces the Business Profits Tax and the Business Enterprise Tax, helping small businesses.
  • Exempts many small businesses from even filing taxes by raising minimum thresholds.
  • Sends back $100 million in direct property tax relief.
  • Returns $50 million more to cities and towns from rooms and meals tax.
  • Invests $30 million in school building aid.
  • Education Freedom Accounts to increase low income families’ educational opportunities.
  • More money per pupil for public education than ever.
  • Rainy Day Fund increase.
  • Voluntary private sector-administered paid family medical leave.

Sununu’s message accompanying his veto of the Democrat “Family & Medical Leave Act” of last
session sums it up nicely: “Whether one chooses to characterize this as a ‘premium on wages’ or a
‘payroll deduction,’ the reality remains that if it looks like an income tax, functions like an income tax, and takes more money out of the paychecks of hard working taxpayers like an income tax, then it is an income tax!”
Yes, common sense NH Republicans to the rescue. Let’s continue this roll and vote for conservative
Republican candidates again!



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