Liberty is on the ballot in 2022


House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

In case you missed it, Democrat State Representative William Marsh introduced legislation barring individuals promoting rebellion or insurrection from being State Representatives. Ironic that he’s so concerned about this issue while remaining silent about his fellow Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen calling for a rebellion. The hypocrisy is stunning. Apparently, this is only a concern if Democrats are able to use it as a political talking point for their own cynical purposes.

It is no wonder why our state was ranked #1 in the CATO Institute’s Freedom Index. From cutting taxes to school choice, our caucus has always prioritized the power of liberty in the Live Free or Die State. But to continue to enjoy our freedoms, we need to assure that we dedicate the resources that we need to preserve it.

The freedom of the Granite State is always at stake. This year we have seen the Democrats try to take control of our elections, monitor your bank account, force vaccinations, and so many other authoritarian policy disasters. Notice that our colleagues down the hall either remain completely silent or actively encourage the death of freedom as we know it. 

Liberty is on the ballot in 2022. We need every single Republican to turn out and assure that our caucus has the resources and manpower to say enough is enough and stop the radical Democrat agenda. The only way to truly assure that our freedom endures is to send every single Democrat, from Congress to the State House, home for good. If every one of us shows up to vote down the ballot for Republicans, I am confident that we will see that New Hampshire retains the number one spot on the Freedom Index for years to come.

All the best, 

Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

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