Vote for yourself, and your wallet

House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

In my travels around the Granite State, I have noticed a reoccurring theme whenever I talk to constituents. Nearly every single person brings the same few issues up: inflation, gas and food prices. It is hard to believe that only two years ago, I could fill my tank with gas for only $1.99 a gallon, but now I’m paying almost $5 for the same product. It is especially troubling hearing our country’s Treasury Secretary claim that the economy is “tremendously strong” but then admit that she was entirely wrong this last year when she dismissed the fact that inflation is worsening. It could not be any clearer, Democrat policies are sending our economy straight into the ground.

Only one out of every six Granite Staters think our country is headed in the right direction and Joe Biden is underwater by 8% in New Hampshire. It is especially ironic that certain figures in the Democrat party called our agenda “out of touch” when they tried to take credit for Republican sponsored property tax relief just two weeks ago.

Democrats know that they’re in trouble in this state, so they’re desperately trying to gaslight you into giving them credit for Republican achievements. This November, don’t settle for an imitation, vote Republican.

All the best, 

Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

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