“Technical” Recession

House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

It was disheartening to read the GDP report yesterday and to learn that the United States is now in a recession, or as the mainstream media is trying to brand it, a possible “technical” recession. Joe Biden and his cronies may try to gaslight the public and redefine the term to try to save face, but Granite Staters will not be fooled, just like we were not fooled when they falsely claimed that Afghanistan would not fall or when they said that inflation was transitory. I was even more surprised to learn that in spite of the economic disaster, Democrats are considering raising taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars and are weighing spending another trillion dollars.  

Between the reckless spending in Washington, the rising price of food and the inflation that has crunched Americans’ budgets, or the pain of paying over $4 for a gallon of gas, this very real recession was brought to you with compliments of the Democratic Party and their senseless policies. I promise you this, New Hampshire House Republicans will continue to fight for policies and solutions that will ease the burden on our citizens. 

Remember that the only way out of the mess that the Left has put us in is to vote every one of them out of office. This upcoming election is our chance to fix the ruin that democrats have delivered and begin to rebuild our economy and our country. Our job is to work as hard as we can to build a red wave and make sure that we send Republicans to as many offices as we can from the State House to your local town hall to the chambers down in Washington.

All the best, 

Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

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