March 24, 2023

House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

House Democrats had two opportunities this week to show us they are willing to work together to better the Granite State, but unfortunately they once again proved they are pro-abortion and anti-parent extremists.

They voted in lock step to ensure parents remain in the dark regarding their children’s activities in schools. Just this week the Granite State Poll showed parents overwhelmingly approve of the initiatives in the Parental Bill of Rights. Two-thirds of parents surveyed responded they believe they should have the right to inspect any instruction material, or be told if their child is going by a different name or gender at school. Opponents have said that this bill would give parents the final word on their child’s health, education, and welfare. I fail to see how this is dangerous. That is the basic job of being a parent. Educators and parents should be partners in a child’s education, and parents should not be misled or left in the dark regarding their children’s activities.

Likewise, almost every House Democrat voted to repeal the common sense abortion reforms that a unanimous vote of the House passed last term. The current House Democratic position is to allow abortion on-demand and up until the very moment of birth. Republicans acknowledge the truth that Granite Staters identify as pro-choice, but also know that over two-thirds of Granite Staters support some restrictions on abortion. Our current law satisfies and represents the majority of Granite Stater’s views on abortion.

But there was a ray of hope for progress this week when Democrats agreed to place some of their partisan bills on the table, which helped with us get through the calendar in a timely manner. This next week the focus will surround the House version of the budget. I am confident the bipartisan budget proposed by the Finance committee will contain something for everyone to support and that there is no reason we cannot come together to pass a budget that addresses the needs of Granite Staters.

All the best,

Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

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