SB272, the Parental Bill of Rights

As you may have heard, SB272, the Parental Bill of Rights, has successfully advanced through the Senate and will be voted on in the House on May 18, 2023. The current version of the bill includes vital language to ensure that parents, or those who have legal custody over children, are kept informed about their children’s academic and social behavior in school, and among other things, will help prevent the covert social and gender transitioning of children by public school systems. The bill can be read here:

Parental rights in NH are in crisis as school systems deliberately hide information from parents, especially when parents inquire about how their child is doing in school. There should be no “secrets” kept from parents. On top of this, more and more children are being exposed to inappropriate sexual materials at very young ages and being encouraged to question their gender and sexuality. This has no place in public education! Many school districts in NH have enacted nearly identical policies based on an ideologically-driven model from the left-wing advocacy group, GLSEN, which supports covert gender and social transitioning of children while deliberately concealing this process from parents.

SB 272 will provide needed protections for parents’ fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children without authoritarian state interference that has already caused irreparable damage to many young lives.

Progressives argue, without evidence, that parents can’t be trusted, and that open communication with those legally responsible for their child’s welfare will cause harm. But these assertions are without merit and only serve to undermine parents, their relationship with their children, and their authority under the law. Parents are being portrayed as enemies to their own children! By keeping secrets and deliberately withholding information from parents about their children’s social well being, essentially gives schools sweeping and unprecedented authority to make critical health and treatment decisions for children and appear to be driven more by fact-averse ideology than true concern for the individual child.

Loving parents, who at the end of the day are responsible for their own children’s health and welfare, can’t be left out of the equation, and schools should not be making these decisions for emotionally immature and vulnerable children. The fact is that we should let teachers teach and let parents parent.

With regards to SB272, the bill came out of the Education Committee on a tie vote with no up or down recommendation for the House vote. Because of this, the first motion on the floor of the House on May 18th will be OTP, or Ought to Pass. We urge you to contact your state House Representative and urge them to vote YES on this OTP motion, and help protect loving parents and vulnerable children throughout the Granite State.

Here is who your State Reps are in Sullivan County and how to contact them:

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