M.I.A. Maggie

CYMI: State Senator Regina Birdsell: M.I.A. Maggie

Press Contact: Ross Berry, press@nhgop.org

CONCORD – In today’s Union Leader, State Senator Regina Birdsell penned an op-ed criticizing Governor Maggie Hassan for her lack of focus on key projects that will help New Hampshire. Read the entire op-ed here or check out the excerpts below:

“Gov. Maggie Hassan has used her office to satisfy her own political ambitions, including taking credit for the Legislature’s balanced budget and the $100 million surplus as a result of a stronger economy. This is ludicrous. This is the same budget she vetoed last summer because of business tax cuts. Her veto and lack of focus on the needs of the Granite State is negatively impacting our communities every day…

“The Legislature provided the funding to finalize the long-awaited I-93 expansion project and use four lanes in each direction to and from the Massachusetts border…

“Her lack of focus on our state’s needs and finishing this major project needlessly slows the work on the I-93 expansion project and thus, the economic development that is expected to follow in southern New Hampshire.

“In addition, we’ve waited to see results from substance abuse-related funding and resources made available in the budget and through legislation, yet, we know Gov. Hassan has yet to distribute these resources to our communities…

“The developmental disabilities waitlist was fully funded in the legislative budget, yet has not been eliminated according to plan…

“The New Hampshire Legislature worked hard to ensure resources, funding and good policy were in place to move our state forward. However, we lack a true leader in the corner office who can put these measures to work in our communities. What we have is a governor, running her campaign for Senate, who is taking credit for the honest work done by the Legislature this session.”


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