Statement from NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester on Democrat’s Hypocrisy


For Immediate Release: July 6, 2017

Contact: Patrick Hynes, 202-321-5310

Statement from NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester on Democrat’s Hypocrisy 

Concord – Throughout the last week, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has been excessively hypocritical regarding the release of voter information to the Federal Commission on Election Integrity. Since 2003, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has raised at least $400,000 for selling voter information. NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester released the following statement regarding Democratic hypocrisy:

“In 2007, New Hampshire Democrats fought specifically for the right to sell voter data they had bought from the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office and expanded with more specific information regarding each voter. Every major Democratic Presidential campaign in 2007, including the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, purchased this data from the New Hampshire Democratic Party for $65,000.”

“Despite having the same party chair in Ray Buckley since the data was sold in 2007, New Hampshire Democrats now apparently do not believe anyone should make use of the voter data. Cries that the data is too sensitive and personal for it to be shared are abundant on New Hampshire Democratic Twitter feeds.”

“New Hampshire Secretary of State and lifelong Democratic party member Bill Gardner is a member of the commission to investigate voter fraud. The commission needs the voter data in order to ensure integrity in our elections. If there truly is no fraud, what are the New Hampshire Democrats so worried about?

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