New Hampshire’s economy is strong


House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

Thanks to our state’s Republican led legislature, the state of  New Hampshire’s economy is strong. As our caucus continues to cut burdensome regulations to unleash the full strength and potential of our economy, our state’s revenues are up and we are poised to fully recover from where our economy was pre-covid.

In an era where Washington spending is completely out of control, our caucus is working hard to mitigate the effects of Democrat price hikes and spending-sprees which have caused inflation to skyrocket. While we continue to grow the New Hampshire economy, the best way that you can assist our Republican led state government is to make sure that we send as many Republicans as possible to Washington D.C. and Concord to fight for fiscally responsible policies. After all, our party’s policies are so popular that even Senator Maggie Hassan is pretending to be a Republican in a pitiable attempt to save face.

Our Republican Caucus will never take your support for granted. Whether it is loosening burdensome business regulations or cutting taxes, we will keep fighting so that our state’s economy benefits the hardworking men and women of the Granite State.

All the best, 

Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

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