Support our NH Primary


House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

This week our caucus addressed some critically important legislation including SB418, relative to the verification of voter affidavits. It seems like today, the Democrat party wants to stifle confidence in our elections. One only needs to look back to last week to see the DNC trying to usurp our First in the Nation primary in favor of states like Nevada.

Yet, even after passing a house resolution that affirms our support for the First in the Nation Primary, many Democrats decided to leave the hall to belittle the remarks of my colleague, Representative Keith Ammon, who rose to speak in further support of our primary.

It is extremely disheartening to see our Democratic house colleagues claim to support our primary but then act in a manner so contradictory to their claims. It is no wonder that members of their own party are fleeing in droves and publicly disavowing themselves from the organization.

Meanwhile, as the Democrats continue to be in complete and total disarray, Republicans will continue to stand for low taxes, education freedom, and individual liberty. I hope that you join us in championing policies that will benefit all of the Granite Staters who we serve.

All the best,

Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

House Republicans Pass Bill to Address Voter Identification

Members of the House Election Law Committee released the following joint statement after the passage of SB418, relative to verification of voter affidavits, on a vote of 180-154.

House Election Law Chair Barbara Griffin (R-Goffstown)

“SB418 continues to allow anyone who comes to the polling location on Election Day to cast a ballot. This bill does not address citizenship, it addresses positive identification, a requirement in voting which has been upheld as legal across the country. This is a meaningful verification of that identification within seven days of the election. In 2020 there were 733 people who voted in our election without any identification, and 260 of those were left unverified after follow-up by the Secretary of State. This bill will fix this issue and ensure that the votes counted in our election are cast by those qualified to vote here.”

“Further, this bill would have no effect on military and overseas ballots, as the time period of affidavit verification has been decreased from 10 days to 7 days, which the Secretary of State’s office has indicated is adequate time to deal with the issuance of those ballots.”

Rep. Ross Berry (R-Manchester)

“There seems to be a narrative that Republicans are afraid of high voter turnout. Republicans are not afraid of turnout, we just won an election with the highest voter turnout in state history. The problem is that New Hampshire voters are rapidly losing confidence in our elections. Here in the state of New Hampshire, there is absolutely nothing required of you to vote. If you don’t have your identification, all you have to do is sign a piece of paper. This bill addresses those people who are showing up to the polling location on Election Day who are not registered to vote and who are registering to vote with nothing. If we want to increase voter turnout, we need to give the people a system that they can have faith in. That is what SB418 does.”

NH House Affirms Support for FITN

Rep. Keith Ammon (R-New Boston) released the following statement after the NH House passed a resolution affirming our support for the First in the Nation primary.

“Yesterday the House passed a resolution to affirm our support for the First in the Nation primary.”

“Last Thursday the Republican National Committee voted unanimously to make no changes to the presidential nominating calendar keeping the four early voting states. In contrast the Democratic National Committee has opened the door to a challenge to our First in the Nation status. They have given us two months to let us prove why we should keep the primary.”

“We are required by state law to be first, but the DNC’s obsession with identity politics is the reason why they believe New Hampshire should not keep the First in the Nation primary. We just celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2020. Even though we are a small state, in a small market, we have a proven ability to vet candidates for president. You do not have to be wealthy to run here, and if you want to be president, you can have a chance here.”

“New Hampshire has been a shining example of civic engagement since 1920, I thank the NH House for affirming our support for the First in the Nation preservation.”

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