Don’t skip steps

House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,

In just over 2 weeks, you will have to make a choice about what the future of our state looks like. I hope that you recognize the hard work that our caucus has done to stand up to Joe Biden and the New Hampshire Democrats’ radical, extremist agenda.

These last two years, we saw Democrats propose outrageous burdensome legislation. From voting to let the Federal Government restrict your second amendment rights to opposing your civil liberties in times of emergency, the Democrats’ want total control over you, and to make sure that you go broke in the process thanks to the rampant inflation that they caused.

By voting Republican down the ballot, you stand up for the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax cuts that we sent you, the school choice and freedom that thousands of Granite State children now enjoy, and the countless other times that our caucus has fought to expand our liberty and slam the door on Joe Biden and his Washington DC cronies.

The stakes this November could not be higher. New Hampshire simply cannot afford to allow Democrats to turn Concord into Washington D.C.
All the best, Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

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