House Republicans and Friends Across New Hampshire,
This week our caucus defended the House against numerous assaults upon our institution launched by the Democrat Party. Likewise, Washington Democrats’ bogus deadline for New Hampshire to concede the First in the Nation Primary passed, and I am happy to report that our entire State Legislature will continue to disappoint these would-be usurpers as we stand with the Secretary of State to protect our elections from gross overreach into state affairs.

Furthermore, this week we heard the Governor speak in his inaugural address about the importance of efficiently managing the People’s money without adding new taxes or fees. We also heard the governor speak about the importance of protecting parents from big government. I concur with Governor Sununu and his endorsement of a balanced budget with additional tax relief and the primacy of parents’ rights. I hope that we can count on his support to help make those a reality in the upcoming session. 

Finally, I agree with the Governor that New Hampshire is the best of all fifty states to live, work, and raise a family in. I am also thankful for the liberty that empowers our citizens to participate in governance, but also the liberty to live free from excessive burdens arbitrarily enforced by state or local government. I will never stop fighting to ensure that it is the individual who is empowered to embrace the freedoms endowed by our Creator.

All the best, Jason Osborne, House Majority Leader

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